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  • Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce
    The Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce is the first international affiliate of the Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce. AACC publications, reports and articles give valuable insights in ongoing discussions related to trade and private business
  • Afghan Chamber of Commerce
    The business directory of the Afghan Chamber of Commerce offers more than 1,500 contacts to companies in different countries involved in Afghan business. Data may be searched by sector, city, state, or country.
  • Afghan Investment
    Official website of the Afghan Investment and Reconstruction Task Force (AIRTF) of the US Department of Commerce.
  • Business Advice Centre
    Working closely with AISA, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is setting up a Business Advice Centre in Kabul in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and the national network of Chambers of Commerce.
  • EAF Afghanistan
    All procurement is carried out according to the procedures of the respective donor, e.g. the World Bank, the EU, and the Asian Development Bank.
  • reconstruction and development project
    For a first overviewand regular updates regarding on-going and forthcoming large-scale reconstruction projects as well as related contracting and procurement opportunities select ‘Afghanistan’ for latest information reconstruction and development project.
  • Technical Assistance Center
    The Chamber has also set up a Procurement Technical Assistance Center. Please refer
  • The Building Markets
    “The Building Markets site (Business Portal) is part of the Peace Dividend Marketplace - Afghanistan (PDM-A) project, which is operated by Peace Dividend Trust (PDT), a non-profit organization dedicated to making peace and humanitarian operations.
  • The Export Helpdesk
    The Export Helpdesk has recently launched its revamped website to facilitate market access from developing countries to the EU. Besides information on import tariffs, import requirements and trade statistics,
  • Unit of Afgahnistan
    A privately-run information service featuring up to date press releases, tender information and contact data related to business in Afghanistan.


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