Kamari Industrial Park in Kabul

A total of 600ha (3000Jerib) land, 13 Km East of Central Kabul in Bagrami district Kamari area is planned for the industrial development. This site will allow for the creation of a model industrial estate ideal for light engineering, food processing, textile, Pharmaceutical and a number of other production units. The environmental and social impact assessment, engineering survey and design of its first phase I, 150ha (750jerib) is completed and construction is planned to start in mid 2013. The planned infrastructure for phase (I) include asphalt roads, canalization, water supply, waste water system, power and fire fighting systems and boundary security. More than 1000 businesses have registered their land request applications with AISA and have submitted their business plans for receiving a plot in Kamari Industrial Park.

Services Offered include:

  • Clean Land title (Qabala);
  • Perimeter wall, paved roads and firefighting system;
  • Twenty-four hours perimeter security, access control for vehicles and persons;
  • Professional management of the park for the daily maintenance of public roads, internal streets, common areas, parking areas, etc;
  • Clean water supply;
  • Sewage System; and
  • Power supply.