The Shoranandam Industrial Park (SIP) is located 10 km east of Kandahar City on main road to Kandahar airfield. SIP covers a total of 15ha area which is part of a huge industrial area of approximately 400 ha for future development. The distribution of land in SIP is ongoing and out of a total of 46 available plots only 8plots has been allocated for food processing companies.
Tens of land request applications are under review with AISA for distribution of land in SIP.
Kandahar Province is located to the South of Kabul and benefits from an excellent transport link. The economic basis of Kandahar is made up of horticulture (fruit orchards), such as pomegranates, apples, and grapes, which allows for agro-processing products. Also, cotton production plays a substantial part in the regional economy. Kandahar is also well known locally and internationally for its handicrafts, specifically the old tradition of embroidered Afghan hats, shirts and scarves, which are already being exported abroad.

Services include:

  • Clean Land title (long term lease);
  • Perimeter wall, paved roads and firefighting system;
  • Twenty-four hours perimeter security, access control for vehicles and persons;
  • Professional management of the park for the daily maintenance of public roads, internal streets, common areas, parking areas, etc;
  • Clean water supply;
  • Sewer system; and
  • Power supply.