Hisar-E-Shahi Industrial Park In Nangarhar Procince Hisar-e-Shahi Industrial Park (HIP) is located 22 km southeast of Jalalabad City, on Jalalabad-Torkham Highway with a total area of 207ha. For the HIP infrastructure development World Bank (WB) was the main donor. USAID also assisted AISA in development of internal roads in its second phase of HIP. The infrastructure works such as asphalt roads, power distribution and street lighting system, water supply system, fire fighting system, and wastewater network and lift station; boundary walls, administration office, entrance gates and security towers are completed. The waste water treatment, landfill site for solid waste and grid power transmission line projects are underway.

Recently, AISA has completed the 20 kV power distribution system and street lighting project in HIP Phase I. Distribution of land to competent entrepreneurs is ongoing and AISA has received more than 500 land request application for HIP. Interested local and international investors can approach either to AISA’s Regional Office in Jalalabad or main office in Kabul.