Land Allocation Process

Once the plots in an IP are ready for distribution the following steps will be followed for further process:

  • National and international investors are informed through open media advertisement.
  • Those can approach AISA central office in Kabul or a regional office in provinces registers their company if not registered yet and receive the application forms for Afs 1000.
  • The filled out forms are returned to AISA, which include information such as:
    • Required land area experience
    • investment amount
    • Types and number of jobs created and type of production. 
    • Detailed business plan for the business he or she is planning to establish in the IP as well as provide supporting documentation to meet financial and technical requirements.
    • Guidelines for developing a standard Business Plan will be provided by AISA upon request.
  • All business plans are reviewed by the designated evaluation committee rated according to the approved weighted business selection criteria
  • The competent applications are presented to the High Commission on Investment (HCI) for final review and approval.
  • The HCI recommends a list of selected investors who are in charge to start the formal process of receiving the industrial plot and sign a formal agreement with AISA.
  • Part of the overall payment is received at this stage and the remaining amount is received in installments over an agreed period.
  • Finally, AISA transfers land title (Qabala) to the investors, after completing all criteria set forth in the agreement. 

For further details contact:
Mr. Zabihullah Nadire