The AISA Public Relations & Media Department conducts media and information campaigns to promote awareness about business and investment activities. Most importantly, the Department serves as a key point of contact in providing exposure to the rapid development of commerce in Afghanistan and to the positive image building of the country. To keep the national and international community up-to-date on commerce news, the AISA Media department frequently issues press releases in the national languages of Dari and Pashto, and also in English for international audiences.

Marketing Afghanistan as an attractive destination for investment is a crucial component of AISA’s mandate. The Public Relations & Media Department has many successes on this front, including the production of a promotional video and positive coverage in national newspapers, as well as highly-regarded publications such as the BBC, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Capital Magazine, and Bloomberg news. In the summer of 2005, AISA supported and sponsored an issue of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), a Financial Times Magazine publication, devoted entirely to Investment Opportunities in Afghanistan. 5000 copies were printed and distributed in Europe.

In the near future, the Public Relations & Media Department plans to establish a more active physical presence with national Afghan television to increase news coverage related to commerce and trade, and also increase AISA’s visibility on a national level.