Investment Opportunities

Afghanistan has a total of 652864 Km2, about 12% of the country total land is arable 3% is under forest cover, 46% is under permanent pastures, and the remaining 39% is mountains and has estimated population of about 25 million including nomadic and returnees. The annual growth rate of population is about 2.03% while the GDP is estimated about US$10 billion and per capita income about US$ 415. Currently there is change in the structure of national domestic products; about 37% was the share of services in GDP while the share of agriculture was about 36% and the share of industry was about 24%. Due to the lack of skills, the domestic product is taken by the traders to Pakistan and sometime Pakistani traders take the afghan products to out side world. As compare to the pre transitional government, fiscal, monetary, external sector and real sector are improved despite potential growth of the economy is challenged by security, corruption, and other obstacles. Afghanistan has great potential for further growth similar to the most developed nation of the world as it has the vast number of resources with high volume. To give a hint on the available opportunities, there is need to discus some sample opportunities as below: