About AISA

AISA began as an agency that provided licenses to companies wishing to invest in Afghanistan. AISA has now evolved into a pro-active institution in promoting and attracting investment to Afghanistan. To meet the objective of investment promotion we have restructured AISA as follows:

Licensing Department

This department processes investment licenses and facilitates the necessary permits on behalf of investors and vis a vis other relevant Afghan government agencies. It continuously strives to improve processes and procedures and also supports set up and development of license preparation services at AISA's Regional Offices and this makes for proper communication, ensuring that AISA’s licensing rules and procedures are properly kept in all Regional Offices.

Investors’ Support Department

This department offers individual client services during the entire pre & post investment phase. Services include:

  • provision of initial information and advice for foreign and domestic investors: market situation, legal framework, customs, taxation, insurance, availability of key inputs, support programs, investment incentives and opportunities;
  • continuous contact to key investors (each investor support manager has “his”/”her” assigned clients to be assisted during the whole process: “one phase to the customer”);
  • facilitating support to investor from other government or private bodies (e.g. private Business Development Services, chambers, donor projects);
  • individual troubleshooting for investors
  • close contacts/good relations to key government and other key agencies
  • training of license holders on important topics (e.g. marketing, bidding procedures esp. for domestic SMEs)
  • post investment support for key investors (e.g. on double taxation, legal advice, provision of contacts and information, troubleshooting, visa problems/services).

Documentation and Archive Department

This department is mainly doing back office administration supportive activities to other departments and as well AISA customer service function. It always tries to evolve a sound, transparent and fast administration system for processing the documents and create a favorable environment for all investors and AISA clients. Further Documentation department as secretariat of High Commission on Investment HCI (AISA’ board of director) organizes the HCI meeting and forward investor’s and AISA major issues to High Commission on Investment meeting for proper solution and final approval. Services are included:

  • Completing the registration process of all new company’s documents with Central Business Registration office (CBR) of MoC after publicizing its specifications in national Gazette of ministry of justice, and get Tax Identification number (TIN) of each company and its shareholders.
  • Sending/Receiving of all out-going/in-coming official correspondence to relevant authorities after keeping track record of each correspondence in registration book and circulating them to related departments for further necessary action.
  • Filing and maintaining all official documentations and investor’s files in professional and efficient order in AISA ‘archive and providing necessary documents (registration certificate and article of associations) to investors on daily basis according to established rules and regulations.
  • Organizing and Convene of High Commission on Investment meeting.
  • Providing of bi-weekly and monthly report to the relevant government offices and line ministries of registered companies including tax collection offices.
  • Establishing a system for managing, disseminating and storing of AISA Archive.

Investment Promotion Department

The foremost responsibility of IPD (Investment Promotion Department) is to play its due role in attracting domestic & foreign investments to Afghanistan. At IPD, we develop effective marketing strategies and programs in order to promote “Afghanistan” as a home to viable investment & business opportunities. IPD organizes events; conferences, exhibitions and networking sessions to create and support a conducive business arena where investment activities are facilitated. A number of audience specific awareness programs are initiated effectively to explain prospective projects in different business sectors inside the country. This department strives to strengthen mutual relations with key and important IPAs (Investment Promotion Agencies), foreign missions, government departments, partner organizations, business and industrial unions through different projects and exchange programs. IPD also creates and broadcasts multiple promotional programs and media campaigns to inform target audience about certain investment guidelines and statistical data along with developing print, TV & social media campaigns to evoke a sense of local consumption.

Internal Audit

This department assures objectives and performing consulting activity designed to add value and improve Afghanistan Investment Support Agency operations, provide effective internal oversight services to enhance local production and business opportunities, perform different sections audits ex, (Corporate Governance Audit, Compliance Audit, Financial Audit, Operational Audit and System Audit) and Conducting special and Surprise investigations for Ascertaining the level of compliance with established Government laws, policies, procedures, AISA compendium and plans (including behavioral and ethical expectations) and Discovering the effectiveness with which the AISA assets are accounted for and safeguarded.

Research, Planning & Policy Directorate

Research, Planning & Policy is a core department of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA). Analyze private sector development issues, develop private sector strategies, complete sector-specific studies on business and investment opportunities, Moreover, Research, Planning & Policy department is committed to provide relevant and timely data to guide policy formulation and enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness within the investment system. Research section is responsible for conducting surveys and studies on investment related activities keeping in view standardized method of research to have assessment of different sectors of the economy ,also to find out the investment opportunities ,constraints, suggestions and recommendations to provide the regular and on time information to have the interested parties through formal document or application to AISA and or the research ,planning & policy department on the most current terms of investment in Afghanistan Main Sectors of economy categories by research section.

Agriculture: Designed and implement various researches in agriculture sector, we have conducted comprehensive researches on saffron , carpet , our ongoing task is research on afghan dairy and planned tasks are afghan fresh fruits, dry fruits, olive oil and poultry market.

Industry: Designed and implemented various researches in industrial sector, we have conducted comprehensive researches on marble, plastic, our ongoing task is research on construction materials, Our planed tasks are food and beverages , cotton, garments and textile , processing mills.

Services; AISA economic data has been classified according ISIC classification, (the international standard industrial classification of all economic), according to which services sector consists of: Wholesale and retail trade; Transportation & storage, Information & communication, Financial & insurance activities, Real estate activities, Professional, scientific & technical activities, Administrative & support service activities, Public administration & defense; compulsory social security, Education , Human health & social work activities, and Arts, entertainment & recreation We have conducted comprehensive research studies on Financial sector (Banking, Microfinance, and Insurance industry), Higher Education, Telecommunication (MNOs, ISPs), the ongoing paper is on transportation focusing on land, air and rail services and planed papers for near future are

  • Capacity Building Services
  • Education (primary, secondary, and high school)
  • ICT (solution & Services)
  • Logistics services
  • Travel agency services

Health; Most important in health sector we have designed and implement various research in health sector, we are conducting the research paper on General hospitals & medical laboratory which is ongoing task and planed papers are on cancer, Hemodialysis, Operation Theater and pharmaceutical, the mentioned papers are planned for year 2013

Planning and Policy section Policy and Planning section operates under Research, Planning & Policy Directorate of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA). Its major function is to spearhead policy, planning and implementation. The unit is expected to strengthen the AISA’s planning and coordination of all activities.

Planning; The Planning team is concerned with the collecting, compiling and disseminating of accurate information in a timely manner. The Planning experts are collecting department’s progress reports in a quarter bases in order to provide quarterly monitoring report to find out the deviation of planned versus actual performances of departments. In addition, planning unit is also responsible to consolidate the annual work plans of each department. The planning team will develop short-term and long-term plans for AISA in order to align department’s activities towards common goal achievements in an effective and efficient manner

Policy; The major function of our team in policy area is to build & develop new investment policies accordance to the analysis and evaluation of the prescribed investment sectors. Besides, the revision of policies will be done through policy experts & accordingly statement rephrases and amendments will be brought to the policy documents. Our policy team is also responsible to collect each department’s policy in order to consolidate the collected policies for making overall AISA’s Policy. .

Industrial Parks Development Department

the development of Industrial Parks is a very high priority given that the main constraints currently identified by investors are access to land and electricity. IPDD is responsible for the development as well as management of new and modern industrial parks. The Department is currently responsible for managing three USAID-funded industrial parks in Kabul, Mazar and Kandahar and overseeing the contraction of two more parks in Jalalabad and Kabul. IDPD is in the process of developing a regulatory and institutional framework and management plan to effectively coordinate the Industrial Parks development.

Finance Department

The finance department of AISA is highly systematic and organized. The activities of finance are not limited to cash transactions and management. It also looks over the non- cash assets. To achieve this goal, the finance department has been divided into Cash Section and Commodity Section. The cash section is responsible for cash transactions as payments, receipt, processing and filing of financial documents, budgeting, recording and adjusting different expenses and preparing financial statements. On the other hand, commodity section looks over and handles the non-cash assets. These assets include vehicle, furniture & fixture, computer, Equipment, land & building and other assts.

Human Resources

To create a value based organization by inculcating a culture of learning, creativity & team work and aligning business priorities with the aspiration of our people leading to development of an empowered, responsive and competent human capital. this department are consisting of followings:

  • To foster a climate of creativity, innovation and enthusiasm
  • To provide a work environment that is a source of creativity and enjoyment
  • To develop and sustain core values
  • To provide opportunities for growth and development
  • To inculcate a spirit of learning and enjoying challenges
  • To provide job contentment through empowerment, accountability and responsibility
  • To demonstrate fairness, equality of opportunity and respect to all.

Analysis & Evaluation Department

Analysis & Evaluation Department is a recently established department, with aim to analyze the development prospects for various on the move sectors in Afghanistan, also to identify constraints and opportunities for growth, design and manage a series of governmental interventions and incentives aimed at increasing the competitiveness of each core sector in the country. Furthermore, Analysis & Evaluation Department is responsible for evaluation and analysis of industrial parks investor’s activities with accordance to AISA’s policies and procedures thereby to provide timely feedback on industrial park reports and other documents relating to program and implementing partners. In brief the core activities of the department are consisting of followings:

  • Analyzing the development prospects for entire on the move sectors in Afghanistan.
  • Identifying constraints and opportunities for growth, design and manage a series of governmental interventions and incentives aimed at increasing the competitiveness of all on the move sectors in Afghanistan.
  • Analysis and Evaluation works closely with Research and Planning in order to extract the collective data and find out the concerns and critical investment modifications for investors. 
  • Monitoring the impact of governmental interventions and incentives.
  • Helping business stakeholders to identify problems and define their business objectives.
  • Under taking onside research to provide information and investment ideas to the organization. The information that A&E department provide enables the organization to make decisions relating to the investment portfolios in the country.
  • Keeping up to date with market developments, new investment products and all other areas that can affect the markets, e.g. movement in the economies of relevant countries, changes in the neighboring countries economic and trade strategies and policies and so on.
  • Keeping a track of the changing economic trends in the country as well as at the global level and make changes in the investment strategies. Making out the most feasible and remunerative businesses as well as to create reports on the prospective investment boulevards in the country.
  • Being in constant touches with the company’s management and discuss the major points or any concerns with respect to any critical investment modifications.

ICT Department

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department mainly aims to provide and implement innovative technologies to the organization to aid various AISA’s departments for rendering their services in effective and efficient methods. The ICT department has equipped AISA with advanced technological facilities which have enormously benefited the organization in the areas of information storage, customer service and online services. In addition, this department is involved supporting users for the effective and efficient use of the ICT resources in the organization.

Investors’ Financial Support Department

This department offers individual client services during the entire pre & post investment phase. Services include: Establish fully functioning Investment Support Fund at AISA &Identifying of prioritized industries & economic sectors for allocation of investment funds following AISA strategy.

  • Determine the nature, size, conditions and objectives of investment fund allocations to selected industries or sectors.
  • Disburse, manage and oversee the allocation of funds to targeted firms & businesses.
  • Raise and acquire funds from donor communities, private sector & government entities.
  • Evaluate the impact of fund allocation on sectorial output & performance & report the achievements of the program.

Regional Offices

Our Regional Offices, in close cooperation with AISA’s Licensing Department in Kabul, prepare licensing documents for AISA headquarters to process. They contribute proactively to mainly domestic support and promotion activities and cooperate closely with the Investment Promotion and Investor Support Departments. They also establish very close cooperation with and support to local government institutions so as to facilitate investments regionally and also are responsible for informing the public on AISA’s activities and objectives. AISA has now regional offices in Herat, Kandahar, Mazari Sharif, Jalalabad, Khost, Kunduz and Helmand.

Our Regional Offices are open from Saturday to Thursday from 8:00am to 4:30pm and can be contacted as per below:


Ghulam Nabi Rahmanzai - Zonal Director Eastern Region Nangarhar
Phone: +93(0)602 00 01 47
Mobile: +93(0)700 00 65 75
Address: Kabul bus stand, near to Anti Narcotics Directorate Jalalabad – Nanagarha


Shafiq Ahmad – director Herat
Email: shafiq.ah@aisa.org.af
Phone: +93(0)40 23 45 48
Mobile: +93(0)700 43 32 50
Address: Bage Milat road behind the National Army Compound, Herat

Mazari-e- Sharif

M.Siddiq Muradi – Director Mazari Sharif
Email: siddiq_muradi@aisa.org.af
Mobile: +93(0)799 65 68 21
Address: Balkh ACCI Building, 3rd Floor, Governor House Street District 5, Mazar Sharif Balkh


Hedayatullah Rahmati - Director Kandahar
Email: hedayet.rahmati@aisa.org.af
Mobile: +93(0)700 30 85 05
Address: Meerwais Hospital Road, Near to UNICEF Office, Opposite to Ghani Akhunzada Masjid, District 6 , Shahr-e-naw Kandahar.


Mohammad Eisa Ahingar - Regional Manager Khost
Email: eisa@aisa.org.af
Mobile: +93(0)708 99 80 10
Address: First floor Afghan Tower Arifullah Square Khost.


Abdullah sherzai – Director Kunduz
Mobile: +93(0)705 38 39 12
Address: Welayat Street – before Kheyaban Mosque – Kunduz


Name : Fazal Omer Ajmal, Regional Manager
Email : a.ajmal@aisa.org.af
Mobile: 0799381149
Address: Boost Street , House Number ,4


Dr. Merwais Ahmadzai : Regional Director
Email: mirwais.ahmadzai@aisa.org.af
Mobile: +93(0)783 31 13 25
Address: Behind the al-shefa plaza street No:3 Gardez