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OGWhatsapp is another modded version of WhatsApp that gives the users a simple, clean, and free messaging service, yet maintaining its security and reliability. The mod’s developers added some advanced features that will be useful for the users in terms of keeping their privacy. Before I proceed to the app’s details, I invite you to visit AISA MODs for other mods.

OG WhatsApp provides users’ privacy precisely to manage the people who are authorized to see their details and who are allowed to communicate with them. OG WhatsApp is also made as an alternative to WhatsApp Plus. Whatsapp needs no presentation; it is the overall well-known informing application with 500 million dynamic clients from month to month. WhatsApp has consistently been with us since we got our first telephone in quite a while. Contents

What Is OGWhatsapp?

It is a modded rendition of WhatsApp, which gives its clients a perfect, straightforward, and free informing administration that is secure and solid. Developers included a portion of the propelled highlights that a few clients may feel significant regarding their protection and security needs.

OGWhatsApp offers clients protection regarding highlights like choosing who will watch their profile pics, statuses and talk with them. This feature makes it a dependable informing application out there. Developers likewise included some propelled choices in the app refreshed APK as of late, like erasing the sent messages and concealing the web status. OG WhatsApp is an elective adaptation of Whatsapp Plus.

OGWhatsApp Creators

The OGWhatsApp mod version was originally created by the XDA team. It was originally released in the year 2013. With new features, the team keeps releasing the updated versions since then. You will get the direct link to download OGWhatsApp APK on your Android device. The original version has a lot more features similar to the original WhatsApp messenger. It is authentic and best to use for Android users.

After that, a year ago, AlexMods Team has developed and released their own OGWhatsApp APK version. It is a zipped file that users need to download. Though the version has fixed bugs and updated the currently available version, however, it still has some installation issues. Below is the link to the zip file.

Whatsapp is one of the unbelievably well-known and developing applications of this century. It doesn’t require any presentation as it claims more than 500 million dynamic clients every month. It is the first application that we introduced on our cell phones after getting them.

OGWhatsApp APK Download By XDA:

Version 17.85
CategoryWhatsApp MOD
Required Android4.0 And Up!
Last UpdatedToday


  • Anti-ban
  • Base updated
  • Call without saving number
  • Custom theme

OGWhatsApp APK Downlaod By AlexMods

Below is the link to the zipped file for the OGWhatsApp APK. Click on the download link below to get the APK on your Android device. Make sure to allow ‘download from unknown source’ in your device settings.

Download Button

OGWhatsApp By AlexMods – Features

  • Base updated
  • Custom theme
  • hide privacy terms
  • Hide blue tick

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OGWhatsApp Installation Guide

You ought to download the OGWhatsapp from a trusted source, which we give on our side. We have given you the direct download associate from the trusted page.

As you finish downloading the OGWA Mod APK, go to the Archive of your phone, scan for the APK and tap on it. This procedure will begin the installation. This method may take several seconds. After the installation process, you don’t need to do anything. Open the application and start using the stunning and supportive features of OGWhatsapp.

OGWhatsapp Features for Android Version

As we have examined before, OGWhatsapp accompanies vast amounts of customization, just as other protection highlights. A few things probably won’t be helpful for somebody. Still, there’s plenty of highlights itself in the valuable application. Here is a snappy outline of as of now accessible highlights.

Anti Ban APK

On the off chance that you utilize the modded adaptations of Whatsapp, at that point, you may have known the torment of getting restricted. Whatsapp authorities consistently watch out for WhatsApp’s modded variants, and they boycott clients who are utilizing the outsider Aisa.

Calling Unsaved Numbers

In the standard Whatsapp application, if we need to message any contact or on the off chance that we need to place any call and discuss, we need to spare their number. This procedure of saving the contact number to our telephone can be disposed of, and we can legitimately put a call without sparing that specific number. This component of OGWhastapp is convenient when we need to put a call quickly, and we would prefer not to save any undesirable number on our cell phone.

Pre-built Message Scheduler

This component has been added as of late to the OGWhastapp, and clients adore it. There’s somebody to whom we need to send messages, welcome at a specific time; however, we neglect to begin a visit with them in some cases. To take care of this issue, designers have included the prefabricated message scheduler, which communicates something specific naturally at a particular time. 

Set Group Name Up To 35 Characters

Whatsapp is, for the most part, known for its gathering talk. We love bunch visiting most when every one of our companions is on, and the discussion never stops for a considerable length of time. In any case, with regards to setting the name of the gathering name in WhatsApp, the official variant restricts our imagination up to 25 characters in particular. With the most recent adaptation, you will get more than ten characters. Keep your gathering name insane, how you need, and with up to 35 characters.

Inbuilt Status Download Feature

Besides primarily visiting and sharing snitches, WhatsApp, now and then, uses for moving the status. This segment makes us extensively closer to our friends and family. In any case, we can’t merely download one’s status to our phone direct in the precise adjustment of Whatsapp. Moreover, we usually demand that they send, and this all takes a lot of time and has no conceivable pattern. 

Copy Anyone’s status on your clipboard

This element enables you to duplicate anybody’s composing status to your clipboard. As we as a whole know, we can’t straightforwardly duplicate somebody’s status legitimately and glue it on elsewhere. We can straightforwardly reproduce the status of others and duplicate at whatever point we need. This feature is an incredibly efficient component that has been, as of late, added to the OGWA. 

Inbuilt Whatsapp Locker

Since WhatsApp has been discharged, we have been consistently pursuing proper application storage from the Play Store. This element is because the authority Whatsapp form doesn’t give the inbuilt lock highlight, and lamentably, there’s no single outsider application storage that offers a decent security lock to WhatsApp. 

Block specific contact’s call

On the off chance that somebody is irritating you by calling you through WhatsApp and you would prefer not to square anybody, this component may support you. All you need to will be to just mood killer the call getting alternative in a specific contact setting. OGWhastapp consistently endeavors to carry such magnificent highlights to its clients with no expense; download now to know an enormous amount of such stresses.

Send Up to Ninety Images At a Time

A significant component of the OGWhastapp, there’s occasionally, we have to send numerous pictures to somebody earnestly. However, the first form has a point of confinement of 10 photos one after another, and it is aggravating just as tedious experience to pick ten each time and send once more. I had this experience where I needed to send 50 pictures to somebody, yet WhatsApp restricted me from sending ten pictures one after another. 

Increased Characters For Written Status

In the formal structure, you are compelled to survey just 130 characters in your formed status. Be that as it may, the latest OG WhatsApp adjustment gives you the chance of up to 250 words. When we have to put long articulations or formed status, it comes advantageous, and size is too colossal. 

It is the modded adaptation of the first Whatsapp incorporating some most recent highlights that give a client straightforward and secure utilization. You can say that OG Whatsapp APK is dependable and free for its clients. To download the app, click the button on this page, saying, “Download OGWhatsApp APK.”

Besides, it is created by outsider designers alongside cutting-edge security and protection highlights. By introducing this APK application, the client can control their protection concerns like limiting their statuses, profile pictures, and visiting. These extra security highlights make this application progressively dependable for clients. 

Additional Information for OGWhatsApp

OG Whatsapp APK is the modified version of Whatsapp arranged with the latest features and made progressively secure and straightforward. Regardless of how the Official creators don’t organize it yet, it is secure and safe to use.

In this way, it will not harm your safety in any way. Thus, you can present and use it with no weight. Another huge thing to keep in mind is that you reliably use OG Whatsapp as your discretionary record for your own and friendly visiting.

OGWhatsApp Alternatives


How Do I Download OG WhatsApp?

To download OGWA, click the button on this page, saying, “Download OGWhatsApp APK.”

How Do I Install OG WhatsApp?

As you finish downloading the OGWhatsapp Mod APK, go to the Archive of your phone, scan for the APK and tap on it. This will begin the installation. This method may take several seconds. After the installation process, you don’t need to do anything. Open the application and start using the stunning and supportive features of WhatsApp.

How Do I Update OG WhatsApp APK?

Go to the app store for your android phone and look for the menu at the upper right-hand corner. Then choose apps and look for OGWhatsApp on the list. Below the app, you will see a button saying “Update.” Click it to start the process.

OG WhatsApp V/s FMWhatsApp What’s Better?

Depends upon personal choices, In my Opinion FMWA is a bit generic.

Final Verdict

OG Whatsapp APK is a great application that will give you such many energizing and extra highlights that the first Whatsapp needs. However, even though it isn’t the first form, it is obviously better than the official one as it furnishes clients with boundless opened highlights and a superior encounter.

This APK application can’t be introduced from the Play Store so that you can download it from the connection referenced beneath. In this way, on the off chance that you need More Highlights, At that point attempt, GBWhatsApp Or download OG Whatsapp and start utilizing its excellent highlights.

Did we help you discovering OGWA? For more information, drop down your questions in the comment box.

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